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The Mayan People

One of the most fascinating peoples and cultures in the world. The Mayans were excellent sculptors, artists, cooks and architechts.

The Mayan world stretched between what is now Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

It is a culture that is studied and celebrated worldwide. Now you can become a Mayan and build your settlement in our Metaverse!


Mayan Invention

The Maya people are remembered for amazing creations, like their spectacular buildings and beautiful objects made from jade, a rare and valuable material.

They also invented groundbreaking ideas which have helped shape the way we live our lives today. For example, it’s thought that the Maya invented the idea of 'zero'.

Maya people were able to do complex calculations, which allowed them to create very detailed and accurate calendars. They used these calendars for farming.

The late 19th century saw the beginning of proper study of the Maya people. Cities, statues, artefacts and cultural ornaments were uncovered, preserved and collected.

Mayan Society

Maya society was very complex with hundreds of cities, commoners, a middle class, nobles and the king and his royal court.

The Maya built amazing cities like Tikal (which they called Yax Mutal) and Palenque. 

Even though they lived in different cities, ruled by different kings and queens, the Maya shared a lot of common beliefs and traditions.

Warfare and trade were important aspects of Maya society and so was art and architecture.

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