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The Mayaverse


Mayaverse will be digital gateway, travel companion and entertainment platform showcasing the best of Mexico

Cabo San Lucas

Living History

See all the principal Mayan cities recreated and brought back to life. Build your metaverse home in a Mayaverse settlement and learn, create and trade as the Mayans did. Earn ALBA for your contribution to the Mayaverse!

Image by Nathan Cima

Cultural Exchange

Build worldwide connections via our cultural exchange program. Experience events and use asets from our other worlds in Mayaverse as well.

Mariachi Band


Buy/Sell real world and digital goods and services inside the Mayaverse with fiat or our native cryptocurrency, ALBA.

Tall Buildings in Mexico


See world class events streamed or hosted directly inside Mayaverse. Take part in unique Mayan experiences such as Mayan Cooking VR with a top Mexican chef!


Real and Virtual World benefits

See your contribution rewarded,  buy founders tokens and your digital asssets become useful when visiting Mexico! See Mayaverse come alive with our partner tourist venues offering experiences, AR trails, quests, discounts, explore digital exhibits in Mexican museums and more!

Man in VR Scene
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