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We are looking for a wide range of partners and investors to get involved in The Mayaverse

Tourist Attractions and Venues If you are interested in your venue supporting The Mayaverse venture or would like a presence within the Metaverse world or in the project generally, please get in touch. This includes cruise companies, museums, heritage sites, hotels and other stakeholders in Tourism.

Hardware & Software Infrastructure and software development companies who will enable us to accelerate development whilst providing a foundation for opportunities from new technologies

Marketing Marketing organisations who want to get involved with the exciting challenges in developing the The Mayaverse customer base, and learning to market and engage with customers in the NFT-enabled metaverse. 

Designers & Content Creators There are opportunities for design partners to help with the design of the core infrastructure, the design of inter-operable items, the design of avatars and the design of virtual products.

Legal Support The metaverse opens new challenges and opportunities in legal services.  Areas such as ownership, copyright / patent, authentication and data protection will require new solutions

Pre-Seed Investment Round

We are actively open for initial investment and seeking $250,000 USD as an initial sum for the platform.


When you consider the potential and market size of this project, we anticipate a swift return on investment.

If you are interested, we would love to hear from you via the contact form below.

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