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Experience Mayaverse

The Mayaverse is a tool for tourism, metaverse adventure and a tool for learning.


For visitors and those with a curiosity about Mexico , whether planning a trip to the region, looking for adventure while you visit or creating a longer lasting connection to your holiday memories, Mayaverse will offer something for everyone.

Maya train route.png

Official Trails and Offers

Official Trails offering digital experiences and "jump in" points will be created to follow the routes of the Maya Train. Think of it not as a train as much as it is your adventure portal!

Trails will be designed to vary the amount of digital content and prioritise seeing and feeling the real world as you visit this amazing area of Mexico.

For those that want to experience AR/VR, it will be available to complement but not take away from your experiences in the real world.

Digital World.jpg

Digital Only

If you are planning to visit Mexico, or Mexico is on your bucket list, then using the metaverse platform to experience the Mayan world may be for you.

Even if you choose to experience the Mayan world via the Metaverse platform mixed reality opportunities to meet local people, attend events and buy produce will be available to you.

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality are similar ideas where the use of a device pointing at an artefact or place generates digital content for the viewer.

The idea of walking through Palenque and seeing in AR how the community looked in Mayan times is a typical experience that we will be creating to make use of this technology.

Mixed Reality.jpg

Virtual Reality

Not everyone likes the idea of putting on VR head gear and experiencing virtual reality but for certain groups including people with disability and the elderly, it can open doors not other technology can.

We will offer VR inside the Mayaverse as an option for users.


In world experiences

- Buy land as NFTs, build your Mayan settlement and use your skills to trade with other Mayans like you.

- Own limited edition NFT artefacts from the  Museo Mundo Maya that offer true in world and real world utility.

- Host your own conferences, concerts and other events in the Mayaverse.

- Attend events hosted by a number of key Mayaverse partners.

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