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Events drive
The Mayaverse


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the Day of The Dead

One of the most colourful, beautiful, and heartfelt celebrations in Mexico, Day of the Dead is the day that all Mexican families remember their ancestors.

We will run events and have shrines in The Mayaverse to commemorate this most amazing of Mexican Days.


The Solstice&

During the spring equinox and summer and winter solstice, the run appers to go through or beam into certain parts of Chitzen Itza, a Mayan city near Cancun.

It is an amazing sight. The Mayans and Azteca worshipped the sun & moon and the equinox is great time to create engagement in Tourism.


Mexico is a fiercely patriotic country.


The Mayaverse will host many events including live streams from the Palacio Nacional of "El Grito" and the independence celebrations!

museo cacoa.jpg

Mayan cookery
in vr

Mayan food is known as being particularly delicious.

We are curating a VR experience where you can learn to cook Mayan cuisine!

We have the Mayans to thank for a number of todays popular foods including Chocolate.

Interested in a Chocolate VR cookery course with our friends at Museo de Cacoa?


  • Freemium: The platform is a navigable world, with right to access and roam with default avatar and settings as a free service. Mayaverso wil be offered to all Government schools in Mexico (SEP) as a free access educational tool, minus NFT and crytocurrency components.

  • Right to Roam: Free Users have access to publicly available spaces within The Mayaverse. Purchased land or buildings are unlikely to restrict access but may operate VIP areas as is common practice.

  • Supportive and  Informative: Users  enter by selecting a chosen destination on the map. All first time users are offered to learn more about The Mayaverse through an Intro course at UWS Mayaverso (automated) curated by Museo Mundo Maya.


  • Meritocracy: Users interacting for free will be able to enhance their experiences through contribution to the world (designs and experimentation), completion of learning (certification), promotion and marketing or through the IDO development fund. This is not a pay to earn model, it is a merit based experience where participation is rewarded. The more you contribute, the more The Mayaverse rewards you.

  • Non Trivial: All events, activities and primary landmarks will have a clear and non-trivial relationship with their real life counterparts. 

  • Value and Utility: Real World Utility and the ability for people, assets and experiences to transcend the digital and physical worlds (or merge them) must be key to developing experiences and events in The Mayaverse.

  • Diverse and Welcoming: The Mayaverse is open to all regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, political leaning.

  • Multi Solutional: The Mayaverse will be adaptable to differing needs of user groups, from accessible private spaces for learning and team building, through to gamified activities in Tourism. Each key user group must have bespoke solutions.

  • Democratic, by users for users: The long term direction of The Mayaverse is determined by its users via voting and referendum, with Founder Token Holders having the highest percentage of weighting. It is a democratic platform.

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