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The Mayaverse is a Metaverse world that acts as a gateway for tourism to Mexico and celebrates the history and culture of Mexico in pre-Hispanic times. The Mayans  built a civilisation that thrived and the remnants of the Mayan world can still be seen today.

We are bringing this alive by creating a world in which all of the main cities in this civilisation are brought back to life in Mixed and Virtual reality to create rich experiences for Tourism and Education around Mayan culture and history.

You will be able to do more than experience life in Pre-Hispanic times, you will be able to live it out.

Acting as an events platform, tourism gateway, gaming platform and as an educational tool The Mayaverse will recreate the cities, clothing, cuisine, weaponry and way of life of the Mayan people. 

You will have the chance to build your own settlement, learn new skills and trade all using NFTs. The Mayaverse will have connections to both modern day Mexico through Mixed reality events and portals as well as connect to our other worlds including Metinburgh in many creative ways.

The Mayaverse is built with partners in the Mexican Tourism Industry.



The Possibilities Are Endless

By recreating the past, we bring it back to life. There are so many ways in which you will be able to experience a time gone by and make your metaverse life in The Mayaverse, earning along the way real world benefits through tourism, adventures and more!

The Mayaverse will be browser based and available on all platforms (PC, Tablet, Phone, Apple) and optionally, VR!

"History is a dish best served lived"

Tony Robinson, BBC Archeologist


Gracias por su interes! Thank you for your interest!

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